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African Creative Economy Conference

Call for Papers 

Arterial Network will host its second annual conference on the African Creative Economy in Senegal. The conference dates are, November 14 -16, 2012.

The aims of the conference are to provide practical analysis and reflective overview of the current status of African creative economy. This should help consolidate emergent African expertise in this area while providing critical thought necessary in navigating the unfolding realties the sector is faced with. While anyone is invited to submit such expressions of interest, preference will be given to African speakers who are based on the continent and who have the relevant expertise, experience or potential in these fields. 

Submissions are to be sent to Espera Donouvossi at by August 25, 2012. 

The best eight young African researchers based in Africa who will author and present papers at the conference will be awarded 250 Euros each. Read More

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