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now that AFROPOLIS. CITY, MEDIA, ART has been successfully on show for quite a while at the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, Cologne, we would like to kindly remind you on the upcoming lectures within the special event programme starting this week:

Thursday, 27 January 2011 – 7 pm
“With Spear in the City. African Modernity in the Photonovels of the 1960s”
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Matthias Krings, Mainz
In the 1960s, African Film published weekly photonovels with the eponymous Lance Spearman, who soon became a hero in cities across English-speaking Africa. The adventures of Spearman’s team of detectives were recounted as gripping page-turners uniting the qualities of a thriller and mystery story. Matthias Krings, Junior Professor at Mainz University, explores the conditions of photonovel production, its sources of inspiration and the image it presented of urban African modernity.
admission: 5,- Euro / concessions: 3,- Euro

Thursday, 10 February 2011 – 8 pm
“Sounds of Lagos. Music and Rhythm from the Centre of Excellence and Chaos”
Lecture with music videos by Adé Bantu, Lagos/Cologne
Lagos is a vibrant music centre in West Africa. The musician Adégoke Odukoya aka Adé Bantu, who has lived for many years in Cologne, uses music videos to showcase the context of music productions from, in and about Lagos. Adé Bantu is known for his work in the bands Bantu and Brothers Keepers, and his involvement in anti-racist projects. He presents his lecture from the perspective of a musician who lives and works in Lagos.
admission: 5,- Euro / concessions: 3,- Euro


Thursday, 17 February 2011 – 7 pm
“Afropolis – scene of the crime. Urban locations in contemporary African crime fiction”
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Julika Griem, Darmstadt
South Africa’s crime fiction has changed significantly since the 1950s, when Athur Maimane wrote crime stories for Drum and used the pubs in Sophiatown as a location for his investigators. Yet despite the changes, crime novel plots are often still set in Johannesburg. Julika Griem, Professor of English Studies at the TU Darmstadt, takes a closer look at crime fiction and discusses its meaning and context.
admission: 5,- Euro / concessions: 3,- Euro

Thursday, 24 February 2011 – 3 pm
Artistic Practices in Cairo”
Artists in conversation: Hala Elkoussy, Cairo; Chaired by: Kerstin Pinther
(Event in English)
Hala Elkoussy is a lecturer on photography and co-founder of the Contemporary Image Collective, CiC, an artist-run initiative dedicated to the visual image which is based in Cairo. Dealing with the complex urban structures which constitute Cairo in her own work Hala Elkoussy will discuss issues of artistic practices in Cairo. The artists talk will be chaired by curator Kerstin Pinther.
admission: 5,- Euro / concessions: 3,- Euro

Thursday, 24 February 2011 – 7 pm
“Envisaging New Urban Futures for Kinshasa”
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Filip de Boeck, Leuven
Organized in co-operation with the Institute of Ethnology at the University of Cologne
(Event in English)
This lecture addresses the tensions between life as lived on the ground by millions of urban residents in Kinshasa and the official attempts which are currently being launched by the Congolese government to create a new -but exclusionist- urban environment. In order to illustrate this tension two concrete cases are introduced: a first case focuses on current modes of ‘informal’ urban expansion and random occupation of space in the city. The second case deals with the development of a new urban project, the ‘Cité du Fleuve’, which fully illustrates the official vision of Kinshasa’s urban future.
admission: 5,- Euro / concessions: 3,- Euro

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