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Antisorcery from South Cameroon in DocLisboa 2010

«The day is what we can see and touch… while night things can’t be seen at first glance. Only those who know can see them.»

In this year’s edition of DocLisboa we have the opportunity to see a documentary about the life of an antisorcerer from South Cameroon. The film –Dansa als esperits– is a portrait of an extraordinary character and a tribute to the Evuzok culture.

To the Evuzok there are two kinds of diseases: the «natural» ones and the ones from the night world, caused by sorcery. This is the story of Mba Owona Pierre the ngengang –the «healer». He deals with the sicknesses that come from the night world where spirits live and attack his people. Pierre has a special gift and a responsibility towards his fellow villagers. The village’s daily routines –agriculture, fishing, cooking– represent the day world in which life goes on peacefully in an environment where modernity is starting to advance. They speak to us about the feelings, actions and basic needs that unite all human beings. Pierre writes down his thoughts on modernity, religion and medicine, and we’ll accompany him in his most important healing ritual: the dance to the spirits.

Friday, October 15th · 9 p.m. · Culturgest, Grande Auditório
Sunday, October 17th · 6 p.m. · Culturgest, Pequeno Auditório

Also a Workshop with the Director Ricardo Íscar on Sunday, 16th at 11 a.m.

You can see a 3’ trailer here.



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