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Call for contributions to the bilingual art journal: Savvy – Contemporary African Art

Call for contributions to the bilingual art journal: 

Savvy – Art. Contemporary. African.

Savvy – Kunst. Zeitgenössisch. Afrikanisch.

On September 1st the first edition of this art journal will be launched.

The aim of the journal is to revitalise an open and academic discourse on contemporary artistic positions and art projects related to Africa and its diaspora.

With the first issue entitled ‘Where do we go from here?’ the journal strives, on the one hand, at partaking in and steering the current debate on contemporary African art, and on the other hand at formulating and instigating new critical questions, positions and discourses. The terms “African art” and “contemporary African art” are fiercely debated upon with regards to its “contemporaneousness” and what position can/ should/ must African art claim for itself in the current art world. This journal aims, with zeal and zest, not only at shading light on these

issues but also at paving the way for a new generation, as well as a shift in the subject matter from the defensive ‚colonial, post-/ Neo-colonial’ focus to an offensive, self-confident and interdisciplinary cultural, fine art and art historical nucleus. ‘Where do we go from here?’ is a call for participation in this discussion.

A further focal point lies is the art scene in the German-speaking countries. In the last decades there have been big international and spectacular as well as small innovative exhibitions in these countries with artists from Africa and its diaspora. The differences in the quality of these exhibitions, the perspectives of art and artists, as well as the methodologies of curating contemporary African art have been of enormous divergence.

Savvy – Art. Contemporary. African. aims at establishing a platform, wherein a vent can be created in these deadlocked structures of dealing with contemporary African art. 

articles until 01.08.2010.  in an English and a German version and should not be longer than 3500 words.Contact:

The editorial board (Dr. Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Simone Kraft, Sophie Eliot, Dorina Hecht, Andrea Heister)   Savvy – Art. Contemporary. African. 

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