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Call for Papers for Third Text Africa’s Mozambique Issue

What is the international image of Mozambique and its art and how does this correspond with what is really happening in Mozambique?
Deadline for submissions: 10 September 2012

This forthcoming edition of Third Text Africa acts as a platform for national and international perspectives of Mozambican art. The edition will address the historical and the contemporary, the rural and the urban, with an emphasis on art practice and the communities and worlds that support and engage with it.

Themes may include, but are not limited to:
Mozambique’s particular history and geography, and how this has impacted on its art
Identifiable trends or moments in Mozambican art
Individual artists Movements, groups, and collectives
Curating Mozambican art
Public art : murals, monuments and performance
Art education; schools, universities, museums and private initiatives
Cultural Heritage
Art markets, buyers and collectors Art criticism, art history, art journalism and its publics The impact of new media

Third Text Africa is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal that publishes critical perspectives on contemporary art and culture, with a particular interest in facilitating and stimulating critical scholarship on and from the African continent. Third Text Africa was initiated by Rasheed Araeen, the founding editor of Third Text in partnership with ASAI and is published on Third Text Africa accepts papers in English, French and Portuguese- papers will be published in the language in which they were submitted.

Recommended length for articles is between 5000 and 7000 words (excluding notes and bibliographies), however all submissions will be considered. Contributors are asked to include their names, institutional affiliation and short biography (not more than 300 words) with their papers. All essays should be accompanied by a short abstract of between 150 and 250 words. Articles in French and Portuguese must include an abstract written in English.
Authors are expected to follow the formatting and the submission regulations outlined in the style sheet available at
Enquiries and papers (Microsoft Word documents) should be emailed to with “Third Text Africa” entered in the subject field. For more information about Third Text Africa please visit

Editorial offices: ASAI, c/o Michaelis School of Fine Art, 32-37
Orange Street, Gardens 8001, South Africa I Email: Tel +27 (0)21 480 7131 (Mon – Thurs only)

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