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Counter Image International Conference

Proposals may be academic, artistic or hybrid 

Open until March 31  

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A virtual and on-site conference

Decolonizing visuality: working towards sustainable sociocultural practices

This edition of Counter Image International Conference (CIIC22) proceeds the work of unveiling the ways in which images operate within the power and knowledge structures and systems of truth which tend to constitute hegemonic historical narratives and marginalize or erase those that are conflicting or minoritarian.

Establishing counter narratives, counter archives and counter images is then a challenge to hegemonic social, cultural and political systems and a contribution to a much needed dialogue around themes that are difficult and complex, in view of a pluralist, diverse and balanced society. 

The scope of the conference includes, but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Colonial visual cultures and strategies for decolonization

  • Colonial and postcolonial photography and film

  • Museums and colonial heritage

  • Social sustainability and image practices

  • Counter-hegemonic narratives 

  • Visual Culture of the “colonial sciences”

  • Colonial cosmoramas, panoramas and other “ramas”

  • Archive dynamics in relation to counter-power and counter-memory

  • Artistic practices as resistance 

  • The use of vernacular images and processes in artistic production

  • Ecocriticism in visual practices

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Frame do filme  O Festim [The Feast] (2021) by Soraya VasconcelosFrame do filme O Festim [The Feast] (2021) by Soraya Vasconcelos

The Counter Image International Conference is organized by EVAM, the Visual Studies and Media Archaeology Observatory of NOVA Institute of Communication Sciences  (ICNOVA) at NOVA FCSH, NOVA University of Lisbon. 

This 2nd edition of the CIIC hosts the final conference of the Photo Impulse research project.


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