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E-journal on Contemporary African Art

You are finally about to read the first critical, independent, bilingual (English + German) E-journal on Contemporary African Art.
Welcome to edition 0 of SAVVY|art.contemporary.african. with the title “Where do we go from here?” This journal heralds a new wave of critical writing focusing on art with a relation to Africa and its Diaspora. In a bid to instigate new latitudes of debate and revitalize a discourse in this domain, especially in the German speaking regions but also on a global perspective, this journal was initiated. Thrice yearly, SAVVY|art.contemporary.african. will place the most diligent, distinguished and savviest positions on Contemporary African Art in the forms of essays, portfolios, interviews, reviews and previews in the limelight.
“Where do we go from here?” features, amongst others, articles on Adel Abdessemed, Wangechi Mutu, Soavina Ramaroson, Antonio Ole or Bisi Silva.
You can access SAVVY|art.contemporary.african. through the website
You will be able to access the subsequent issues of this journal also online.
We thank all supporters of this project, advisers, authors, editors and especially the designers. We are looking forward to an exhilarating feedback from you.
Call for contributions: You are cordially invited to submit articles until the 16.01.2011 for the next edition of SAVVY|art.contemporary.african. scheduled to be released on the 16.03.2011.
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