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Exterritory Project

Exterritory is a non-profit project that strives to create a platform for knowledge production and exchange in an autonomous space, temporarily free from grounding national restraints. The project was initiated by artists, curators and scholars who believe that utopia exists only without a permanent place and as a constantly dynamic journey. The project wishes to become a platform in transit, sailing on ex-territorial waters and providing space for critical thinking and production in various fields of art and culture.

The practice of Exterritory is mainly based on bringing together artists and scholars who wish to rethink geo-political stipulations and conventions in a non-national space. Exterritory will take form as on-sea events and on the Internet Website. By sailing on ex-territorial waters, we wish to create a space that bypasses the laws of territory and nationality and thus enables temporary emancipation from limiting social interpellations.
Exterritory attempts to create an alternative situation for encounter, research, discussion and art-making and to generate a network of intellectual and professional connections that surpasses national politics and social hierarchies.

The main agenda of Exterritory is to create an open structure for thought that concentrates on exploring the notion of Exterritory in various fields of knowledge. We hope that this unstable, flux and dynamic notion will become both a catalyst and a tool for critically reflecting upon culture’s discriminating geographies, while potentially setting up enclaves of (temporary) freedom.

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