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International Workshop | Decolonising Knowledge, Subaltern Epistemologies

Lisboa, 28th October
Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Edifício ID, Piso 4, Salta Multiusos 2

Avenida de Berna, nº 26

Throughout the last decades, the Humanities and the Social Sciences gave renewed importance to the subaltern question. This workshop will map different intellectual proveniences of the question and simultaneously promote the debate on political and epistemic problems of the present. We will address historiographical debates currently held by those following the thread of the Subaltern Studies, the connections between the thought of Antonio Gramsci and Postcolonial Studies, the singular trajectory of “black marxist” C.L.R.James, as well as the encounters between literature and anthropology, history and cinema, and, last but not least, how the subaltern question challenges authors like Michel Leiris, James C. Scott and Jacques Rancière.
Working languages: English, French and Portuguese.
Convenors: José Neves, Manuela Ribeiro Sanches, Marcos Cardão and Orazio Irrera.An event organized by: Centro de Estudos Comparatistas da Universidade de Lisboa and Instituto de História Contemporânea da Universidade Nova de Lisboa

10h – Introduction, by Marcos Cardão (Centro de Estudos Comparatistas, FLUL)
10h15 – First Session
– Does history travel? Historiography and non Western pasts, Sanjay Seth (Goldsmiths College, University of London)
– Decolonizing Revolution with C.L.R. James, or What is to be done with Eurocentrism?, Matthieu Renaul (Université Paris 8)
– Decolonising knowledges, decolonising modernity?, Manuela Ribeiro Sanches (Centro de Estudos Comparatistas, FLUL)
13h – lunch break14h30 – Second Session
– Subalternity at its limits. Infrapolitique et prise de parole, Orazio Irrera (Université Paris 8)
– An Italian Difference? Gramsci, Anti-colonial Thought and Resistance Aesthetics, Neelam Srivastav (Newcastle University)
– Subalternes, émancipation et décolonisation – entre l’histoire et le cinéma, Maria-Benedita Basto (Université Paris-Sorbonne, Paris IV)
17h15 – Coffee and Wine break
17h30 – Final discussion, introduced by José Neves (Instituto de História Contemporânea, FCSH-UNL)

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