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MOSCA 8 – 8th Cambuquira Short Film Festival

10 to 14th of July, 2013


MOSCA – The Cambuquira Short Film Festival – is focused on the diffusion of Brazilian and foreign audio-visual productions, as well as promoting a critical film-going public. The festival program includes Brazilian films screening, special programs of foreign movies, debates, workshops, exhibitions, children’s activities, a bar-restaurant and a travelling outreach festival. Since 2005, MOSCA has been contributing to the revival of film-going rituals in this small town, while also providing and expanding cultural and artistic opportunities for the local population.


MOSCA 8 will unfold from 10 – 14 July, 2013, in the Brazilian town of Cambuquira, located in the south of Minas Gerais, and otherwise renowned for its naturally mineral springs. The festival is warmly held at Cine Elite – an old city cinema that had been closed for about 20 years, but which in 2001 was lovingly restored by the cultural institution “Espaço Cultural Sinhá Prado”.

The venue and the town share a charming and idiosyncratic architecture, with calm and serene walking streets. This video, made for MOSCA 7, gives a glimpse of Cambuquira’s beauty and attraction:

After the primary festival in July, MOSCA continues its work with a travelling outreach festival, spreading the film-going spirit to other communities.

Service: 8th CambuquiraShort Film Festival  – MOSCA 8

Place: Espaço Cultural Sinhá Prado – Av. Virgílio de Melo Franco, 481 – Cambuquira-MG / Brazil 

Date: 10 to 14th of July, 2013 

Realização: Associação Comercial Educacional e Cultural Sinhá Prado Guimarães and Ministério da Cultura. 

Audience: the program is for all ages

Free admission

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