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PAN!C – a Pan African Network for Independent Contemporaneity

PAN!C – a Pan African Network for Independent Contemporaneity – is a platform for cross-continental connection, collaboration and information. This website is a listing of independent contemporary art spaces throughout Africa, but is also a repository of content and ideas relevant to independent contemporary art practice on the continent. 

PAN!C is an experimental platform that seeks to stimulate novel and low/no cost modes for networking, project development and presentation of work among contemporary art practitioners. This is a pivotal venture, functioning in a context that is largely inimical to the movement of ideas, people and work within the continent. 
PAN!C Spaces
The PAN!C website serves, first and foremost, as a directory of independent art spaces throughout the African Continent. To enable broader knowledge, networks and connections, this online platform serves to provide access and will be updated on an ongoing basis. 

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