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Seminário de Estudos Africanos com Kerstin Pinther

21 de Junho, 3ª feira, às 18:00, na sala C401 no Edifício II do ISCTE-IUL,

Seminário de Estudos Africanos, intitulado In Afropolis. On the making of an exhibition on art and urban practices, apresentado pelo Professor Doutor Kerstin Pinther.

Kerstin Pinther is Assistant Professor for the Arts of Africa at the Institute of Art History at Free University Berlin. Her research focus lies on modern and contemporary art and visual culture in West Africa, Egypt and the Diaspora as well as on architecture and urbanism in Africa. Among others she is currently involved in a collaborative research project on new art spaces in African Cities. She has taught at the universities of Bayreuth, Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin.

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