Website on global south and decolonial issues.

Kevin Murray

Adjunct Professor RMIT University, Research Fellow University of Melbourne and Adjunct Research Fellow Monash University. He was previously Director of Craft Victoria where he developed the South Project, a program of south-south cultural dialogue, and the Scarf Festival, an ongoing program that celebrates the handmade and common human need for shelter. He has curated many shows, including Symmetry: Crafts Meet Kindred Trades and Professions, Water Medicine: Precious Works for an Arid Continent, Guild Unlimited: Ten jewellers make insignia for potential guilds, Seven Sisters: Fibre Works from the West and Common Goods: Cultures Meet through Craft for the 2006 Commonwealth Games. His books include Craft Unbound: Make the Common Precious (Thames & Hudson, 2005). He is currently online editor for the Journal of Modern Craft and coordinator of Southern Perspectives, a south-south intellectual network. He is writing a history of Australian & New Zealand jewellery and developing a Code of Practice for Craft-Design Collaborations.

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