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“I do not receive a salary, but I have smiling faces around me. This bridge is the most beautiful office in the world. The boats passing under this magnificent sky, all the people coming from all over the world and their smiles feed me.” says Wallace, pausing the music.

“I wake up every morning and hug and kiss Youmi. I tell him I love her as much as the first day.” Youmi is his dog… and his coworker. They are singing songs together on a bridge in Paris, with his guitar at hand and Youmi on his left shoulder. He never had any music classes, took his guitar to the street and learned how to play that way.

“I love the streets. I love the people in the streets because once they hear the music while walking in all seriousness… Bamm!!! The magic! They start smiling. The biggest joy for me is to see their faces light up. That moment… The moment they feel alive… If I see smiling faces looking at me, I sleep well that night”.

“Tourists, Parisiens, rich people, poor people, happy and sad people… Thousands pass by every day. Believe me, I fall in love once every 38 seconds. Already tested, 38 seconds exactly! Because you are all beautiful women and men, inside and out. Of course, there are ugly ones too but it isn’t their fault. They just have not taken their happiness pill yet…”

“It isn’t easy being cheerful in spite of all the disasters, all the bad happening in the world. But these nice feelings are the reason I exist”.

A bridge in Paris… Some dance on it, some watch them, smiling. Some are recording it on their phones, some timidly step forward and leave a little change on the guitar case. Wallace and Youmi continue singing their songs in the best office in the world… 

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