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noise | ruído



Ngalas noise, intervenção urbana com papel sobre parede, Ihosvanny, 2008.Naits noise, instalação de papel sobre parede, Ihosvanny, 2010.


The background hum of a city in turmoil (Luanda? Lisbon?), the noise from the streets, from massive construction and traffic, but also visual noise and, above all, noise in communication. 

Experts classify noise in communication into four types: physical, psychological, physiological and semantic. Physical noise is external to the speaker and listener, and encompasses all the sounds that make it difficult to hear what is being said. Psychological noise is defined as mental interference – if the listener is “absent,” the noise in his head impedes communication.  Physiological noise is a physiological problem that interferes with communication by causing pain and discomfort. Finally, semantic noise occurs when there is no shared meaning in a communication, as when using technical terminology inaccessible to a lay audience.

noise | ruído is the first solo exhibition of Ihosvanny in Portugal, on view at influx contemporary art until November 13, 2010.

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