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Vast Namibe

Vast Namibe is a beautiful book of photographs by Jorge Ferreira “on landscapes, people, animals and plants in the province of Namibe” with text and captions by Cristina U. Rodrigues and graphic design of João Ribeiro Soares. This is the first volume of a project of this author on the eighteen provinces of ANGOLA, with the intention of seeking what is unique about each one, what remained of ancient history and especially what remains up to date.

“The good quality of pictures is not imposed on the landscape; it is kept surrendered to its quality”, wrote Ruy Duarte de Carvalho1 referring to the DVD Diary of the Desert – Namibe 2009, of my own, which includes photos of Jorge Ferreira . It is this attitude that characterizes the “view” of Jorge, to which I add the excitement of discovery: of what is beautiful, what is joyful, what is positive in Angola. That is why, when we walk through this vast Namibe through the book of Jorge Ferreira, an immense tranquility is transmitted to us. This peace is sustained by the text of Cristina U Rodrigues.

“There are various combinations of sand and rock, with different shapes and shades. The sight of the horizon, apparently uninhabited area, also causes different sensations and associations: emptiness, freedom, quietness, loneliness, fullness. It is always available for the interpretation of the traveler. For the inhabitants of the desert it is home”.

In addition to the documentary aspect which is the objective of this book and of the project, it must be stressed the fact that Jorge Ferreira is a communicator and that quality, which can be figured out in some photographs whose subject is the people, will hopefully acquire increasing importance in the forthcoming books.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the image of Angola Jorge Ferreira seems to want to transmit escapes the stereotype of photo safaris and bets on a view of current affairs, activities, buildings and different life forms that, along with landscapes, he finds throughout the way. This and the good graphic quality of the book make us wait with anticipation the next volumes.

Forthcoming is a book about the Kwanza Sul, with texts of Ana Paula Tavares and a trip to the Cunene to prepare the next book. Congratulations and Happy Travels!


  • 1. Preface of the book “Journey in the Desert – Namibe, Angola” authored by Cristina Salvador and Cristina U Rodrigues (2010).

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